Sunday, February 20, 2011


This entry will be about Justice. And we stay in France. Gaspard Augé und Xavier de Rosnay should be known to everybody for their single "D.A.N.C.E".

They managed to get very succesfull in only 8 years active. They work under the label of "Ed Banger Records" the same as Daft Punk. These two groups have much in common. Aside from the label they have the same manager "Pedro Winter" and their style of music has led many fans believe at first that Justice and Daft Punk are in fact the same people.

Their logo a Latin cross (†) can be seen on almost every concert on their album and on the back of their incredibly expensive leather jackets.
So far, only one studio Album has been released namely "Cross (†)" and one live album: "A Cross The Universe" from 2008. Recorded in the Concourse Exhibition Center in California was it just awesome.

The music video for "Stress" by Romain Gavras a single from the first album had a little controversy. The video is about a group of maghrebian and white teenager vandalising the cities around Paris and Montmartre in a "clockwork orange"-style. Just take a look yourself:

St. Germain

And I start of with an Artist pretty much unkown to most people. It's "St. Germain" from France. Ludovic Navarr, was born Saint-Germain-en-Laye, hence the name St. Germain, in the year 1973. He released only 3 Albums in 16 years.

The first being "Boulevard" released in 1995. It's dance oriented Acid Jazz House. If you realy need to give it a name. It was recorded with 5 "real instrument playing" guys. Namely:

Aleandre Destrez on the Piano

Pascal Ohsé on the Trumpet

Édouard Labor on the Saxophone

Malik on the Flute

and Miguel Rios with the Percussion

But Navarr did all the sound engineering, writing and producing.

In my opinion is this not the best album by St. Germain but still very good. My favourite song of this Album: "Dub Experience II".

In 1999, Navarr released the Album "From Detroit to St. Germain". But this time not under the name of "St. Germain" but under his own. The quality of the music did not suffer at all. So many good songs on one CD it's just incredible. Wich one the best is is hard to tell and depends also on your mood. Always good though is "Soul Salsa Soul". I'll just link it here and you'll get the picture. Especially the last part of the song rocks.

We go on to the next hitalbum, "Tourist" puplished in 2000. Jazz house over one hour length. To the personnel of "Boulevard" came:

Idrissa Diop with the Talking drum

Edmundo Carneiro - Percussion

Claudio De Qeiroz and - Baritone saxophone

Espacily I want to name Edouard Labor did an awesome job with the Flute in the song "So Flute". Wich is my favorite of this Album. A pure Fluteorgasm. Just listen to this: